the brand.

ain’t forever. is a clothing brand founded in Cologne, Germany in 2018. Inspired by stylish self-painted leather jackets from back in the days, ain't forever. sees any piece of clothing as a canvas and opportunity to express yourself. The clothing & lifestyle brand is underlined by its minimalistic looks and high-quality fabrics. Bringing together a casual, minimalistic and well fitted design, ain’t forever stands for more than just a fashion brand. 

"ain’t forever." represents a way of thinking and attitude in life. As we grow older, we get disrupted by uncomforting questions about life and existence itself. Most of these questions shall never be answered, but for us that means: life ain’t forever – live it. Our philosophy is all about the adventurous lifestyle of travelling, visiting new exciting places and enjoying life to the fullest. Make the best of each day and situation. Try to be the best version of yourself & make your time on earth count, by using it as efficiently, responsibly and happily as you can - 'cause life ain't forever.


the products.

Is it possible to create a stylish clothing & lifestyle brand that offers long lasting products of highest quality standards? That’s the question we asked ourselves and here is our answer: Our t-shirts & tops are made from 100% high quality cotton. Our sweatshirts are made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. All manufactured to last a long time. After the manufacturing process is finished, all textiles are sent to Europe, where we carefully modify them in Germany. That’s the background of our clothes, no secrets, no bullshit. Any questions? Email us at hey@aintforever.com and we’ll try to answer them as good as possible.


the founders.

Falk Frentzen (27) & Timo Kebschull (29) from Cologne, Germany.